How to Decorate a Small Studio

These photos are from a New York Times article from Oct 21, 2007 which I saved because it helped us in‘s Listing Dept to understand what 300 square feet looked like. The article is about how popular studio apartments have become in the buyer’s market because sale prices have gotten so high, but what attracted me was how these owners decorated their small spaces.

The guy’s studio has 300 square feet, and the gal’s studio has 600 square feet:



The photos by Hiroko Masuike show two totally different styles and they both work well. There is no best rule about decorating a small apartment.

If you like clean lines, white walls will give you the feeling of openness. If you prefer to be cozy, dark walls will feel like a warm hug. Decorating is about what you like to surround yourself with; it’s not a bunch of rules about what anyone else says you ought to do.

The last photo is a small studio I lived on East 53rd Street in Manhattan as a sublet. I didn’t choose the decor but I found I liked the dark green walls; I felt like I was living in the Peacock Room.


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