Tips from a NYC Bed Bug Expert

width=200We have a different approach to bed bugs that not only involve pesticides but steam, We steam furniture, walls, doors and any crack and crevice where they might be hiding, several pesticides working together and a dust that goes behind the wall via electrical circuits, light circuits and any existing holes in the walls. You can go online and Google New York Versus Bedbugs and get more info on the going on with bed bugs in the city. Bedbug complaints to the city’s 311 hotline grew from 10,509 in 2006 to 22,218 last year and that’s just the people who call 311 don’t forget the people that do call exterminators and the do it yourselfers.

So, you may be wondering just how long can you escape from the clutches of such a nasty curse when they seem to be everywhere and closing in?

Well, I have some news that should have you sleeping better at night. If you follow these safety tips you should be able to reduce the odds immensely of your home or apartment ever getting invaded by this sleep destroying army of insects.

Since bedbug extermination is not a do-it yourself job — here are some things you can do to protect yourself and your home:

#1 Never, never and I repeat never, bring home a mattress you found in the street. Or a chair. Or a bookcase. Or a (fill in the blank). You get the idea, no? Now to most people this sounds like common sense and you are saying to yourself that you would never do such a thing…. but there are hundreds, and thousands of people who think they just won the dumpster diving lottery when they see that almost brand new Sealy posture pedic kicked to the curb. It doesn’t occur to them that it was thrown out for a reason. This includes ANY furniture. Bedbugs hide in wood joints too. New York has rich garbage, some of the richest on the planet…. much of it is tempting to drag home…. but please don’t. Those innocent days are over.

#2 Never buy a mattress from someone who collects and recycles old mattresses then flips them, selling them as new. Do I need to explain this one after reading #1? If you see a neighbor bringing in a recycled mattress better educate them quickly or soon his/her bedbug problem will be yours, I can guarantee it. Especially if your live in an apartment building. The more neighbors you educate about where they buy their mattresses, the safer you will be.

#3 – Even when you buy a new mattress from a reputable mattress company or store…. if they pick up your old mattress well, guess what? They are picking up other people’s old mattresses that very well may have been bedbug infested. And those mattresses go on their truck uncovered with bedbugs and bedbug eggs dripping all over the cab of the truck and your new mattress even though plastic covered comes into your home with some of them tiny bastards stuck on the new mattress covering or the delivery men’s shoes or pants cuffs. Remember, all it takes is one determined bug or egg sack and your are infested. Buy only from stores that do NOT take away the old mattress. Gone are the days when removal of the old mattress is considered a buying perk.

#3 – When moving and using a moving truck, ask them how often they spray their trucks. If they look at you like they don’t understand… get a moving quote from someone else. Insist on them doing a bug treatment before they pick up your stuff. Otherwise, seriously consider renting a U-Haul and get the cab sprayed by a professional. The peace of mind is worth it. You wouldn’t sit on a public toilet seat would you? In most cases, ANY moving expenses are a tax write off… check with your accountant. If your employer is relocating you, chances are they won’t mind picking up the tab if you explain why.

#4 – Have your new EMPTY home or apartment sprayed THOROUGHLY by a professional exterminator BEFORE you move in your things. If renting, your landlord should not have a problem providing this service. And unless you are buying a brand new home, never assume a home is clean of pests because it’s been empty for a time. Bed bugs can live up to a year without feasting on flesh. Insist that it is bedbug treated which is different from other pest control measures.

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Written by Lorenzo

Lorenzo has been hanging around the office for the past 24 years, and, in the process, has become the president of,, and His mission is to build into New York's largest no fee apartment rental service. Before, Lorenzo was a Regional Sales Manager for Time Equities, Inc., one of New York's largest converters of rental buildings to coops and condos. Lorenzo was once a part owner of Swift & Watson Real Estate in NYC's Greenwich Village.

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  1. tarrabyte Reply

    It took 6 months to get bed bugs out of my studio, but I did it, and they have been confirmed gone by bed bug sniffing dogs first in June 2009, and again in November 2009 (just to be sure!). It took a lot of chemicals, clutter removal, and endurance, but it can be done.

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