A grand old NYC apartment or just a 700 sq. ft. average apartment?

Name: Randal Dawkins
Location: North Williamsburg — Brooklyn, New York
Size: 700 square feet (approximately 490 square feet pictured)
Years lived in: 6

We first featured the apartment that Randal coined his miniature country house during our Small Cool Contest. Though situated in Brooklyn, Randal is spot-on with his description. To step inside this place is to become immediately removed from the surrounding urban environment and to be transported to what feels like the lavishly-decorated home of a king.



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Written by Lorenzo

Lorenzo has been hanging around the RDNY.com office for the past 24 years, and, in the process, has become the president of RDNY.com, Rent-Direct.com, and Acmelistings.com. His mission is to build RDNY.com into New York's largest no fee apartment rental service. Before RDNY.com, Lorenzo was a Regional Sales Manager for Time Equities, Inc., one of New York's largest converters of rental buildings to coops and condos. Lorenzo was once a part owner of Swift & Watson Real Estate in NYC's Greenwich Village.

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