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Beginning with the news that the 25-screen AMC theater in Times Square closed its doors to exterminate bed bugs and ending with a front page New York Times article on Saturday about bed bug shame, last week was a feast for bed bug paranoiacs–a demographic that by now includes pretty much everyone who lives in a New York City apartment building.

It’s perfectly understandable that vertical dwellers harbor a heightened fear of bed bugs.

The bloodfeeding insects travel across hallways, through walls and floors, and between storage bins; they can lurk in the laundry room; and they can hitchhike on the backpack of your daughter’s best friend down the hall.

And while you may be fastidious about avoiding flea markets or even heat-treating your luggage after a business trip, you can’t force all your neighbors to take the same precautions, nor is there a totally foolproof way to keep bed bugs out of your bed once they’re in the building.

Still, like any New Yorker worth their iodine pills and Tamiflu, we at BrickUnderground wanted a way to hedge our risk.

We found it with the help of pest management guru Gil Bloom, otherwise known as the entomologist behind Standard Pest Management and a member of the Mayor’s former bed bug advisory board.

Here’s our action plan for keeping your neighbor’s bed bugs out:

1. Know what steps your board or landlord should be taking if there is problem in your building

Renters: Your landlord must eradicate all bed bug infestations in your building, which means the infestations must be identified first. As recommended by the Bed Bug Advisory Report released by the city last month, landlords should inspect surrounding apartments for signs that the bugs have spread. Any apartment connected horizontally or vertically to an infested one should be checked, and so on, until reaching a unit that comes up clean.

A landlord who fails to inspect apartments surrounding an infested one could be found liable in housing court for negligence, says real estate lawyer Steven Wagner.

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