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As of yesterday, NYC landlords must disclose bed bug problems to potential renters, which will make it a lot easier to find a bed-bug-free New York City apartment rental.

The new law does not apply to co-op and condo buyers.

Nor does it require landlords to reveal the extent of bed bug problems beyond the apartment at hand (two entire lines of apartments is a very different scenario than two units 12 stories up) or the proximity of the bloodsucking insects to your dream apartment.

In other words, while a large bed bug problem in a small building is a dealbreaker, the same is not necessarily true of the opposite….but how is a renter to know?

We look into that question today, as well as what buyers can do to avoid becoming just another bloodmeal.


A limited bed bug problem in a large building is not necessarily reason to avoid renting there, provided you’re comfortable that the landlord is responding correctly, and that the affected apartments are, at the very least, not  horizontally or vertically connected to yours.

Here’s what you can do to learn more about the building you’re considering:

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