Three Tips to Help Your Apartment Finding Strategy

The following is excerpted from The Essential Guide for Smart Renters, the wonderful guide to renting a no broker fee apartment in New York, put together by You can view the entire Essential Guide right here.


TIP: If the maximum rent must be within a fixed range, you’ll have more apartment choices by being flexible about the size of the apartment or the neighborhoods you’ll consider.

If, on the other hand, you must have an apartment of a certain size, you’ll have more apartment choices by being flexible about the rent maximum and the neighborhoods you’ll consider.

Finally, if you must live in a specific area, you’ll find more available apartments in that neighborhood if you can be flexible about the size of the apartment and on the rent.

That’s it. Those are really the only variables; size, price, and location. If you must have one, then you might have to compromise on the other two.

Think of this as The Golden Triangle: width=273


TIP: What about buildings with amenities, such as doormen, pools, recreation rooms, etc. How do they affect the “Golden Triangle”?

If having a doorman is a must have, then all the factors discussed about the Golden Triangle remain the same; you will still have to pick the size, and location that fits your budget.

More and more new buildings have amenities that were all but unheard of just a few years ago. But remember how much you will pay for them. Isn’t the doorman/security issue the most important? Don’t get too caught up in the fantasy of how much fun you will have if your building has a rock climbing wall, a screening room, or billiards tables. You will hardly remember they are there after a few months.


TIP: Your membership can be adjusted throughout your search to reflect any change in your requirements.

You can also set up multiple search profiles to enable you to look, for example, for a studio apartment for yourself and a two-bedroom to share with a roommate. The key to success is to be flexible with all the areas outside your “non-negotiable” item.

To set up multiple search profiles, just call’s Customer Support number: 212-807-1414 opt. 4.

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