Yorkies Are The Most Popular in New York. But Are They The Best Dog?
Who rents the apartment? The dog or the man?

Who rents the apartment? The dog or the man? A dog this size needs to rent his own apartment.

DAVID K. LI write in the New York Post that New Yorkers love small pooches.

The Yorkshire terrier repeated as New York City’s most popular purebred, according to new registrations filed with the American Kennel Club in 2011.

New York’s top 10 are: Labrador retriever at No. 2; French bulldog at No. 3; German shepherd at No. 4; bulldog at No. 5; poodle at No. 6; Shih Tzu at No. 7; golden retriever at No. 8; Rottweiler at No. 9; and Havanese at No. 10.

Labs and golden retrievers are the big pooches best equipped to handle cramped Big Apple apartments, according to Thomas Bradley, chairman of New York’s famed Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

“The Labs and golden retrievers are just so amenable,” Bradley said. “They’re so adaptable, even in small spaces.” David Frei, director of communications for Westminster, added, “Goldens and Labs, they live for their people. They want to be with you.”

The rest of the nation’s top 10 included the beagle at No. 3; golden retriever at No. 4; Yorkie at No. 5; bulldog at No. 6; boxer at No. 7; poodle at No. 8; dachshund at No. 9; and Rottweiler at No. 10.


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