Small Kitchen? Tips for Coping in NY Apartment Rentals

Apartments for rent in New York City are not know for their large or lavish kitchens, so ways must be found to make them more user friendly. Here are some clever ways to expand your kitchen’s horizons.

apartments for rent in manhattan

Apartments for rent in Manhattan ought to come with this solid and practical kitchen cart from Walmart for $269.


manhattan rentals

Another perfect folding cart for Manhattan rentals, this one from QVC for $175.

Manhattan apartments for rent

Ah, if only Manhattan apartments for rent came with the Grudtal wall mounted dish drainer from Ikea for $10.95

nyc apartment rental

Make your NYC apartment rental feel larger with any of these three cutting boards designed to reuse your kitchen space.

Here are three good options for adding instant and temporary countertop space. Clockwise from top left: Lipper International wood chopping board that fits over the range. Amazon, $24.99. Progressive International cutting board. Place this over the sink to free up countertop space. Amazon, $26.57. Over the stove cutting board from More Counter Space on Amazon, $44.95.

Thank you to for these excellent suggestions. Those guys must live in NYC apartments, since they are always full of good ideas for making the most out of your living space – and making it personal, too.

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