For Tiny Rental Apartments in New York – A Brilliant Use of Space

NYC apartments are known for being tiny. The challenge is the make the small rental apartments in New York ultra-livable. With some clever planning and multi-use furniture, you can create a space that is functionally larger than the square footage of the apartment.

A great example of this is the apartment of Graham Hill. Graham’s apartment is 420 square feet. Yet the finished product has the functional space of an 1100 square foot home! One of his goals was to be able to seat 12 people for dinner. Let’s take a look at the results below. Remember that  Graham apartment has a bunch of great space saving features that can work in your apartment. lists his goals like this:

• A murphy-style bed from amazing small-space furniture distributor, Resource Furniture. The cool thing about it is the shelf gradually rotates as you lower the bed so that objects do not have to be removed when the bed is lowered.
• A sliding wall on tracks that can enclose the bedroom and create a second sleeping space with bunkbeds, a work zone, and lots of storage behind.
• Undercounter refrigerator and freezer drawer to save space and energy.
• Modular, portable induction cooktops that can be stored away when not in use.
• An expanding dining table from Resource Furniture that stows away within the kitchen island when not in use.

As a contributor to Graham’s blog, says,

“Most people have to make lots of compromises in comfort and quality to live in New York, and give up a lot of the things that people have in bigger homes, Graham has demonstrates that you don’t have to give up a damn thing.”

nyc apartments

nyc apartments

The perfect sofa/murphy bed combination for NYC apartments. Very efficient.

ny apartment rentals

Notice how the shelf with the globe rotated as the bed was pulled down to the floor. More NY apartment rentals could use such efficiency.

new york apartment rentals

Notice the three separate induction cooktops. This allows Graham to have only one out when he cooks for one, but multiple cooktop when company comes over. The refrigerator and freezer are under the counter. This is all part of making apartments in New York City more efficient and more livable.

ny apartments for rent

All NY apartments for rent should look this good. And be this efficient.

rental apartments in new york

How many studio rental apartments in New York can seat 12 for dinner? This one can, due to the clever planning.

rental apartment in New York

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