Brooklyn Rental Buildings With Pools – High on Renter’s Wish List

It costs money, but it’s one of the best amenities you can buy with your rental apartment in New York. A building with a swimming pool. The buildings and the pools come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have a luxury rent to go with them.

Take, for example the Edge, the best-selling waterfront development in Williamsburg. The pool area has sliding glass doors, which means it can be open in summer and closed (and heated) for winter use. The pool has a large skylight overhead and the deck comes complete with barbecues for tenant usage. Because of the deck, the grills, and a young clientele, the Edge comes with a fun social scene. A smaller plunge pool with a waterfall is adjacent to the main pool. A two bedroom apartment will cost about $4,500.

apartments for rent in brooklyn

If you're looking for apartments for rent in Brooklyn, consider The Edge in Williamsburg.

Another good alternative for a rental building with a pool in Williamsburg is 111 Kent Avenue. The deck is on the fifth floor and there is also a barbecue grilling area for tenants with outstanding views of Manhattan’s East Side.

Another excellent choice for apartments in Brooklyn is 111 Kent Avenue at the Williamsburg waterfront. has an excellent selection of no fee apartment rentals at 111 Kent.

How would you like your apartment in Brooklyn to have this view?

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