Via Verde Apartments in Bronx Are Terrific and Green. Really Green.
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This is not what you usually think of when you think of apartments in Bronx. This is a truly green development.

The Bronx may have a bad rap for being the least healthiest county in New York State, but the NYC borough is also home to a thriving green industry. Not only are sustainable businesses popping up all over the place, but innovative green buildings are becoming more common, too.

Grimshaw Architects is has built Via Verde, an 18-story mixed-income development that is taking solar power innovation to the next level. The building will be outfitted with 300 solar panels placed in different vertical spaces on the structure, freeing up the rooftop for gorgeous green gardens.

The 300,000 square foot building is located on a remediated brownfield site at Brook Avenue and East 156th Street in the South Bronx. The plan for the building came out of a 2004 design competition hosted by AIA New York. The building has 202 units, 151 of which are reserved for low-income residents. The building’s step-like design, with levels rising above one another, creates more vertical space for solar panels. The panels will provide 15 to 20 percent of the energy needed to run the building’s elevators, water pumps, and air conditioning in common areas. The installation uses off-the-shelf components, which will keep costs down, and they will be mounted on six vertical faces of the $100 million building’s facade. Horizontal arrays will be placed on the fifth and seventh floor roofs to create shaded canopies for the gardens, and two more will be place on the building’s highest tower. Energy from the 66 kilowatt system will flow into the grid when the building doesn’t need it.

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A whole new concept for Bronx apartments – green, sustainable, energy efficient and solar powered.

If you’re looking for apartments for rent in Bronx, visit the sales or rental office at Via Verde. The sales office is at 704 Brook Avenue and you can call 917-542-8635.

The building is located at Brook Avenue and E. 156th Street – the the Bronx neighbhorhood called “The Hub”.

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  1. Keith Parris Reply

    Does Via Verde also have apts for rent as well as for sale? And if so, do they have 2 or 3 bedrooms for rent?

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