Rental Apartment Decoration – Some Ideas For Decorating with Maps

Visiting my artist sister-in-laws home for Thanksgiving dinner, I was reminded just how much our perception of an apartments worth is wrapped up in how cozy and homey we think the space is. When there are interesting bits of artwork, interesting colors, and interesting nick-knacks all about, we think that the space is much more worthwhile, more alluring, and we tend to overlook the deficiencies of the space.

One of my favorite low cost ways of creating interest and interesting decoration is to use maps. I’ve also seen nautical charts used the same way. Charts are just maps of the waterways. The frames can be cheap, used, scratched, and bought at flea markets. It doesn’t take custom framing to creating an interesting wall of maps that immediately makes your home interesting.

When you look to rent apartment, look to the walls. Can interesting colors be used as a background for your frames? Is there enough wall space for artwork? It all comes together when you make the space yours by bringing your creative sense into the apartment.

Decorate with maps of all kinds. From magazines to menus, maps always create their own interest.

A fanciful map of Las Vegas for your NYC no fee apartment. I’m told that if you’re a big enough gambler, you can get a no fee trip to Vegas comped by one of the hotels.

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Written by Lorenzo

Lorenzo has been hanging around the office for the past 20 years, and, in the process, has become the president of,, and His mission is to build into New York's largest no fee apartment rental service. Before, Lorenzo was a Regional Sales Manager for Time Equities, Inc., one of New York's largest converters of rental buildings to coops and condos. Lorenzo was once a part owner of Swift & Watson Real Estate in NYC's Greenwich Village.

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