More Good & Cheap Apartments in New York – Knowing Where To Look

Harlem Studio – $975

As we mentioned in the post just below this one, there are good and cheap apartments for rent out there. You just have to give up the notion that you will find them in the prime neighborhoods of Manhattan. But there are good, cheap apartments in Manhattan – uptown above 96th Street. The areas to look at include Morningside Heights, Harlem, Hamilton Heights, Manhattanville, Washington Heights, Hudson Heights, and Inwood. There are plenty of good, cheap NYC apartments out there, particularly if you are willing to live in a studio apartment.

Also mentioned in the previous post, you need to be prepared properly to get these apartments. While the lower rental prices mean that you don’t need to earn as much money as high priced apartments, you still need to present yourself to the landlord in a way that inspires his confidence in you, and lets him know that you

Harlem Studio – $1,000

are properly prepared.

As we like to say in our renting guide, The Essential Guide for Smart Renters, you need to have a “business-like” approach to finding your apartment. That means having all your paperwork in order and ready to present to the landlord. It also means having a nicely written cover letter to attach to your application. The cover letter allows you to present yourself in the most favorable light – without lying – to the landlord. It gives the landlord some insight into who you are and how responsible your will be in paying the rent on time and in taking care of the landlord’s property.

Crown Heights Studio – $950.

I’ve attached to this post some pictures of building where we currently have available apartments, both in Manhattan and in the other boroughs. All apartments have rents of $1,000 per month or less.

Good luck in your NY apartment search.

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