Soho is always a great choice for apartments in NYC

Soho is New York’s own little getaway. As one of the city’s most famous neighborhoods, Soho and its residents can be strikingly counterculture. The area’s artsy decor and its bohemian lifestyle can be felt even in the architecture. Step onto Wooster Street, and suddenly you feel worlds away from the stodgy buildings of midtown. The area was once home to many famous celebrities, such as Andy Warhol and Heath Ledger. Many who come to Soho find that it is more of an experience than just a place to live. While Soho’s atmosphere may seem vibrant and inviting, the real estate prices will bring all but the wealthiest back down to earth. For those that can afford the eye watering high cost of living, Soho offers a life changing experience. The culture is truly unique, and cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world. If you seriously want a slice of Soho but aren’t overwhelmingly cash rich then budgeting well is a necessity. Rental costs aside there’s other things that can be often overlooked like utilities, insurance costs and of course food, drink and entertainment. What is encouraging though is that the crime rate in Soho is low with property crime 59% lower than the New York average, meaning that the price of home insurance is likely not to excessive.

For those that are unfazed by the high costs of entry, let us take a look at what modern Soho has to offer!

apartments for rent in manhattan
Spring Street1 Bedroom – $3,200.

No Fee Rental. Save $5,760 in Broker’s Fees.

Ask for unit: 461384

– Hardwood Floor– No Laundry Room

– Near Park

– Near Shops

– Near Nightlife

– Near Subway(s)

– 2 Blocks to Spring Street Station for C,E Trains

– Close to B,D,F,M,N,R,1 Train Stations

– Near Several Parks, Including Hudson River Park

– 1 Block to Laundromat

– Gourmet Markets, Shops, Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Etc. All Around

new york apartments rent manhattan
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– Pets OK– Hardwood Floor

– Near Shops

– Near Nightlife

– Near Subway(s)

– Heat+Hot Water Included

– 2 Blocks to C, E Trains (Spring Street Station)

– 3.5 Blocks to A, #1 Trains (Canal Street Station)

– Laundromat is Around the Corner

– About 4 Blocks to the Soho Playhouse

– Surrounded by Great Restaurants and Shopping in Soho

manhattan apartment rental
Spring Street 1 BR – $2,775No Broker Fee. S

ave $4,995 in Broker’s Fees. 

Ask for unit: 464589

manhattan rental apartments
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new york no fee apartmentMott Street 1 Bedroom $3,195.

No Fee Apartment. Save $5751 in Broker’s Fees.

Ask for unit: 466196

Within only a quarter of a square mile, SoHo has an
estimated 250 art galleries, four museums, nearly 200 restaurants, and 100 stores. It’s the “go to” neighborhood for shopping.

– Pets OK– Live-in Super

– Window A/C units

– High Ceiling

– Hardwood Floor

– Common Courtyard/Garden (OS)

– Backyard (OS)

– No Laundry Room

– Steps from Parking

– Near Subway(s)

– Heat+Hot Water Included

– Granite Kitchen

– Marble Bath

– 3 Blocks to the 6 Train at Spring Street Station

– 4 Blocks to the R,W Trains at Prince Street Station

– 7 Blocks to the F,V Trains at Second Avenue Station

– Laundromat Around the Corner

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Access to healthcare amenities

A particular highlight of living in Soho is the abundant availability of healthcare options in the area. Due to the close proximity of New York University and its medical facilities, there are excellent health care options for virtually any ailment just blocks away. Whether you are looking for elderly care or just routine checkups, the New York University medical system will be sure to have something that fits your needs.

The NYU system is not the only game in town, either. Soho is littered with private health care clinics, from general practitioners to the most specialized fields. However, please do note that many of these clinics have an established roster of clientele. Therefore the waiting list to be accepted can be considerable, depending on what type of service you are looking for.

As a final resort for those out of options, there are no less than five major hospitals, all within a few minutes from central Soho. The Beth Israel and Bellevue Hospital systems are some of the finest in all of Manhattan. Although these hospitals are available at all times of the day, do keep in mind that their purpose is for conditions that are severe and require emergency treatment. Most patients admitted to these hospitals are either outpatients referred from a private clinic or have entered through the Emergency Room system.

A guest post by Eve Pierce

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