Look outside, things are changing. As winter gives way to spring, flowers bloom, temperatures warm and everyone is itching to get outside. This drastic environment change is a highlight of many people’s year, and it demands a coinciding interior upgrade. Wake up your apartment from its months-long hibernation with spring decor.

Short on inspiration? A number of colorful, crafty, creative shows can help awaken the interior designer within you. From full home remodels to exotic designs from around the world, the growing interior-design TV genre can provide plenty of ideas for bright springs upgrades. Good design ideas let you rent cheap apartments in New York, and still enjoy the pleasures of a nice apartment.

You don’t need expensive design consultants, head to direct.tv for access to the growing interior-design shows and find your television muse.

‘Love It or List It’

Maybe you’re feeling like your home is unsalvageable. Such is the case on HGTV’s “Love It or List It”, which features an interior designer and realtor who battle to satisfy their clients needs. The designer listens to the homeowners concerns and begins painting, decorating and demolishing as he sees fit. Meanwhile, a realtor puts the home on the market and begins searching for a new house that will satisfy the clients’ needs. “Love It or List It” contestants choose between staying in the redesigned home or selling and planting roots elsewhere. Watch a few episodes and you’ll discover untapped potential in your home or in your New York rental.

‘9 By Design’

Who wouldn’t like a little more space to decorate? For Bob and Cortney¬†Novogrataz, stars of Bravo’s “9 By Design,” space is a regular concern. This chic couple designs apartments in Manhattan, turning small, drab apartments into eye-catching, livable spaces. The Novogrataz’s are particularly adept at finding unique, inexpensive pieces to add character to a room, whether they are from thrift stores or dumpsters. If you live in tight quarters or want to modernize your living arrangements, “9 By Design” will give you an up-close look at Manhattan apartment design.

‘Design Star’

Adopting a popular reality-show contest format, “Design Star” pits aspiring designers against each other in unique challenges that test creativity, style and ingenuity. During a recent episode, contestants turned bare storage containers into chic living rooms.

Chances are you have a little more room to work with in your NYC apartment, but these compact designs offer inspiration for adding personality to individual rooms. From unique lighting to colorful rugs, “Design Star” contestants have an eye for design ingredients that pop. Aside from decorating tips, “Design Star” is pure entertainment. Contestants compete for a $25,000 grand prize, so you can count on absolute effort and intense drama.

‘House Hunters International’

If you want a new look, expose yourself to a new place. Tag along with world travelers on “House Hunters International,” which follows expatriates during their search for housing abroad. Local agents gather a wish list for these travelers and introduce them to three properties with varying amounts of cultural influence and charm. Viewers get a look at interior designs from around the world. Spice up your living quarters with a little international flavor. “House Hunters International” is your virtual passport to destination design.

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