Could This Man Be Our Greatest New Yorker At The Moment?

This is a man moved by his consciousness to do something real, something concrete about homelessness in New York City.

His plan works and he’s incorporated it as the mission of The Doe Fund. It’s been successfully used to house thousand and thousands of people.

Here is what they do: They take in homeless people, referred to them by places like Bellevue Hospital. Many of these people are fresh out of prison, with little safety net. They house them. They ensure they’re sober and make them abide by a schedule. They give them a job for starters—cleaning up trash around the city, for a month. The men in all-blue jumpsuits you see pushing brooms and emptying trash cans throughout New York are Doe Funders.

After that, the fund gives them classes in life skills and specific job training (they can choose between pest control, catering, building maintenance, and other specialties) for the next six months or so. There are mock job interviews, to get the pitch right. Then they send each one out to pound the pavement and find a job. When they find a job, they find them a place to live. By the time a year is up, the Doe Fund has transformed a homeless person into an employed person with a place to live.

Gawker – How to Solve Homelessness – The Mundane Miracles of The Doe Fund 7

The next mayor of New York City will not be George McDonald, though George McDonald is running for mayor. There is a nonprofit group in New York City called The Doe Fund that has developed perhaps the single most effective formula in existence for moving people from the streets to productive society.

The Doe Fund’s sweet: New York at Classic Car Club Soho


Celebrities were out on the red carpet on Thursday night for The Doe Fund’s sweet: New York, with some of New York City’s finest restaurants and dessert confections being served inside a chic event space.


NYC’s Doe Fund Houses, Trains and Helps 700 Homeless a Year


English: The western ramp and pylon of Brooklyn Bridge, New York City (Photo credit: Wikipedia) New York City currently has about 50000 homeless people.


The Doe Fund houses and feeds homeless men from Bellevue


In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, The Doe Fund has welcomed 65 homeless individuals who were forced to evacuate from the Bellevue Men’s Shelter. The Doe Fund’s Culinary Arts staff has been going the extra mile to

Keep The Doe Fund in the back of your mind. When holiday giving comes around once again, you can hardly do better for your fellow New Yorkers and your fellow citizens than by contributing to The Doe Fund.

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