Apartment Plants Come To Life In NYC Again
These beautiful houseplants were found in one of our Manhattan apartments for rent.

It’s Spring. The time of revival. Nothing says “life” and “renewal” like new flowering house plants. I have never come across an apartment that didn’t look better or feel more “homey” with growing plants. Which is why when I worked for a landlord many years ago, I would always dress up the model apartment with lots of plants and flowers. And it worked! I strongly advise anyone with a New York apartment for rent to fill it up with plants. The effect of plants is most strongly felt in the Manhattan apartments for rent.

Some plants are so hardy that you can grow them in the half-light of New York apartments. Make

Try growing plants in a vase of water. They go perfectly in Manhattan apartments.

Try growing plants in a vase of water. They go perfectly in Manhattan apartments.

sure that you don’t over-water them. Also make sure that the pots you use have a hole at the bottom to drain off excess water. Otherwise, the roots may start to rot.

You can also try your hand with plants that do well in a glass or vase of water. Many types of houseplants will easily root if you just put a cutting of the plant into water.

Another tip for New York plant growers is to put your houseplants on the window sill where they will catch some light. Don’t let direct sunlight hit your plant for more than three hours per day. Most plants do best in a combination of a little direct sunlight and lots of open shade.

Following these simple tips, you can enjoy watching your plants grow, beautify your home, and marvel at the changes plants go through as they grow. With the right combination of plants, you’ll have a hearty garden in your home in no time.

For more about plants for apartments, look at our Pinterest board, City Plants & Gardens.

grow tulips in your studio apartments for rent in nyc.

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