How To Locate Manhattan Apartments For Rent

If you are new to Manhattan, or are planning on moving here from some other location, you will need to find your Manhattan apartment for rent. It goes without saying that Manhattan is a busy place, and with over a million residents in the mid-town region alone, finding apartments of any type or condition is a challenge. This is besides considering the rental costs involved. But if you follow some basic guidelines it won’t be overly difficult.

new york apartments in modern buildings

New York apartments are expensive. Follow sensible guidelines in selecting an apartment you can afford.

The first thing you should do is ask around amongst your friends and relatives if there is anyone in or near Manhattan that they know who could give you a head start. Perhaps you have a distantly-related aunt or cousin, or maybe a friend of a friend. No matter the case, it always helps to have a contact. Someone who lives in or near Manhattan may know about vacant apartments which are not listed in the paper or online.

The second easiest thing to do is go to the best no fee apartment locator website,  and perform a free search for Manhattan apartments for rent. You can select size of apartment, cost range for rent, and the location. Many people who live in Manhattan work there as well. This is an important consideration if the higher price ranges are going to be a challenge for you, as salaries are generally higher in Manhattan.

If you want to find an apartment which is rent-stabilized (which mostly below $2,500 per month in rent) you

cheap apartments for rent in Uptown Manhattan

If you go further uptown in Manhattan, you will find cheap apartments for rent.

should look around the Washington Heights and Inwood sections of Manhattan.

It is important to be flexible and open minded. You likely will not be able to find a large apartment, or one like you may have lived in when in a smaller city or town. Many Manhattan apartments are one-bedroom, or studio (one or two room) apartments. Often you will find larger apartments are shared between three or four people who split the rent between them. If you have no problem living with other people then you will have a much easier time locating Manhattan apartments for rent.

There are many other options and ways to find homes in Manhattan, but we hope that some of these suggestions have proved helpful.

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