5 Budget Kitchen Upgrades You Can Make In A Weekend

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Giving your kitchen an uplift is one of the easiest ways to change the feel of a studio apartment or pretty much any of the New York apartments you’re likely to come across. When you’re in the market for a new apartment, cheap apartments for rent are worth investing a little of your money in, especially if the apartment is rent stabilized. After all, you’ll have the benefit of the cheaper rent for many years to come.

Make sure that your landlord has no problem with making whatever changes you’d like to make. Since most changes are non-structural, you shouldn’t encounter too much resistance from your landlord.

apartmenttherapy.com |by Nancy Mitchell
No fee apartments in Brooklyn look better with new hardware.

Your typical, somewhat tired looking kitchen. How about changing the hardware on your cabinets!

Happy weekend! If you’re the sort who relaxes by doing projects around the house, one of these low-cost kitchen upgrades might be just the thing for you. Ranged in order from least to most ambitious, here are 5 kitchen pick-me-ups that you can have done before Monday.

Here’s what a similar kitchen looks like with new hardware installed. Beautiful! Total time? Less than 45 minutes.

1. Change your hardware. 
For a little money and not much work at all, you can update the look of your kitchen by switching out the hardware. This is great way to experiment with gold in the kitchen before committing to a big-budget item like a faucet. If you really love the look, you can even add campaign-style metal corners to your cabinets, like Kristin of The Hunted Interior did. If you’re going from say, knobs to pulls (or vice versa), this project may involve a little drilling (and filling in of old holes), but it’s still doable in a weekend.

Remove some cabinet doors for a nice exposed look.

2. Free your cabinets. 
This project wins the award for least expensive upgrade in this post, because it won’t cost you any money at all. If you really love the look of open shelving but don’t relish the idea of tearing down your upper cabinets, take baby steps instead by removing the doors of a few of your upper cabinets. You can use them to display the pretty things you really want people coming into your kitchen to see, and stash the unsightly pots and pans and stadium cups in other places.

A bold, new color just on your upper cabinets!

3. Paint only your upper cabinets. 
Instantly, a whole new look for your kitchen — and for only half the work of painting all the cabinets. To get an idea of the big impact this can make, check out this Before and After on Apartment Therapy.

Nicely painted cabinet – on the inside!

4. Paint the inside of your cabinets. 
I never would’ve thought to do this until I saw this project from Elsie of A Beautiful Mess, and now I really, really want to do it. Having a beautiful color on the inside of your cabinets is like having a fun secret. You might be the only one who knows about it, but it’ll make you happy every time you get out your dishes.

Bonus: Apartment Therapy house tour hosts Jared and Chika went for color in the cabinets and open cabinets. Check it out here.

Apartments for rent in New York often have white kitchen ceilings. Consider painting the ceiling.

A new glow to your kitchen! Paint the ceiling.

5. Paint your kitchen ceiling. 
How cheerful is this kitchen? I’m sure the hot pink floor helps out a lot, but these homeowners have also given a little love to the ceiling, a part of your kitchen that usually gets neglected. If you do decide to paint your ceiling, make sure to invest in lots of dropcloths. (And send us pictures of the results!)

There are plenty of other ideas for sprucing up your kitchen quickly and inexpensively. Here are some links to ideas that can help you out:

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