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Moving in to their first New York apartment.

Renting a NYC apartments can be quite a task. As one of the greatest cities in the world, New York may seem a bit chaotic to most people. The same thing can apply to renting Brooklyn apartments, creating stressful situations and great confusion if you’re not prepared. We hope to alleviate that by providing you with some useful tips to get you on your way. We begin with the following:

• No-Fee Apartments

If you have to deal with an on-site agent concerning your lease, then you will likely experience some interesting things. In many cases agents will only tell you about a limited number of vacancies so they can have a chance to leverage during the negotiations. In many cases you will have to ask about existing concessions. You may miss out on things like a free month’s rent or other advantages you may not be aware of.

Using a No Fee apartment rental service like can remedy that situation. With, you will always know what incentives landlords are offering. With full knowledge, you will be in a position to possibly save yourself a month of rent if it is being offered as an incentive. That saved month will mean thousands of dollars more in your pocket.

Besides, with you will also know about good cheap apartments for rent as they come up.

• Work with a rental agent

Moving into their first Brooklyn apartment.

There are a good number of agents with disreputable tactics, who offer flawless and perfect apartments which don’t really exist in reality. You should do your best to avoid finding agents through listings or online, but rather through some personal recommendations via friends and people you can trust instead.

• Avoid being scammed

If you have to use the services of a broker, you should ensure that you have an agreement done in writing. The agent will need to disclose any fees that need to be paid by the landlord, thus offsetting your fee by the chosen amount. Agents who work with unscrupulous tactics will try to dupe you into paying double or toward skipping better options you may not be aware of. Always keep your eyes open and your mind vigilant for suspicious details.

• Pets, Pianos and more

If you have a piano or other musical instrument, you should really let your landlord know ahead of time. In many cases people don’t like those because of the noise complaints. Alternately, you could omit that fact if you think your instrument is not quite large and easy to move around with. Pets are easier to deal with, as the apartment will usually be advertised as a pet-friendly one. Make sure you protect the inside of your new home from anything your pets can do.

• Co-ops and condos

In cases such as these you will need to deal with applications more carefully. They will need to be approved by more than just the owner, but the entire board or you may not even get the place. You have to ensure that you’ll ask the renters whether you are included or excluded from any specific amenities such as bike spaces, gyms or any other specifics. The same goes for pets, so always ask questions beforehand to ensure you will get things done right.

• Bed bugs history

You have the right of a written disclosure when it comes to bed bugs. The building’s history has to be provided to you when you sign your lease, so make sure you ask about bed bugs beforehand. You will avoid headaches. You should also check the Bed Bug Registry and the Department of Housing Preservation and Development website for any history or signs of infestations at your place.

Bio: This article was created by Ella Andrews- professional writer and blogger. As writer, Ella is always focused on writing the best possible way. Her creativity and imagination are not limited to just writing. In her leisure time she works on house removals and home remodeling projects as well.

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