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The New York Skyline - the place you want to rent your apartmentMoving to any new city can be an intimidating experience. When you’re moving to New York City, the country’s largest metropolis, it can be downright terrifying. However, one becomes acclimated to the fast-paced lifestyle of New York City within a few weeks. It just becomes natural. With so many things to do, to eat, to see and to drink, you’ll quickly find yourself feeling like you’ve lived in the city your whole life. There’s just a lot more to New York City than most other cities.

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People who are new to New York City will find that everything is a little more expensive—except for rent; this is usually way more expensive. Most people moving to New York City would prefer an  apartment in Manhattan, but being so expensive, they often turn to one of the other boroughs, such as Brooklyn or Queens. You can cut the cost of finding an apartment in Manhattan by looking for a no fee apartment. And when it comes to no fee apartments in New York City, is the place to look.

The good news is that the average New Yorker earns around $800 more each month than the average American worker. Furthermore, you do not need a car in New York, as the city is very concentrated. This means that you can end up saving quite a bit, as you do not have to pay for insurance, gas or maintenance in order to commute to and from work.

Instead of driving, many New Yorkers ride their bikes to work, as bike lanes have become a very common site even in the outer reaches of Brooklyn and Queens. Another option is the city’s fantastic public transportation service, to which you have full access for only $112 per month. On top of earning more and saving quite a bit, New Yorkers’ lack of dependence on cars means they have a smaller carbon footprint than the denizens of many other cities.

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New York City is home to thousands, if not tens of thousands, of musicians. For those looking to start or join a band, one need only strike up a conversation with someone at the bar. Besides the classified section for musicians on Craigslist, which can sometimes see more than 500 postings in a single day, there are several other sites to find online job applications. For someone who prefers just to listen to music, there is no shortage of venues: there are cafes that specialize in folk; sports bars that have a metal scene upstairs; punk rock dive bars; house clubs; jazz spots; hipster joints with great deals on PBR; art spaces for avant-garde performances; and at least 50 other venues that draw in some of the world’s best acts. If you like to play out, see live shows or just discuss random bands with strangers you meet at the bar, New York, especially Brooklyn, is the place to be.

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New York City is home to some of the most incredible restaurants in the world. Furthermore, you can find virtually any type of cuisine that you desire, provided you are willing to travel a little bit. This is well known. What may not be as well known is the plethora of farmers’ markets in every borough, especially in Manhattan. There are also great farm to table restaurants and ethnic groceries that abound throughout the city. The latter can prove incredibly important for people who like to cook, as recipes on a myriad of cooking Web sites will require ingredients that you can’t find at your local supermarket. Need shrimp paste for one of Food & Wine’s recipes of the day? You can head to the Bangkok Center Grocery in Chinatown. Rare spices (and some of the best spanikopita in the world) can be picked up at Sahadi’s in Brooklyn Heights. If you consider yourself a foodie, you can’t beat Manhattan or Brooklyn.

On top of being one of the financial and cultural centers of the world, New York City is perfect for anyone hoping to immerse themselves in a diverse and thriving environment.

Your bottom line should be: Find a great apartment in New York City – preferably in Manhattan. And don’t even think of paying a broker’s fee. No fee apartment rentals are the way to go in New York.

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