The Beauty of NYC Studio Living

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City dwellers have a lot of secrets to which the rest of us are oblivious. They’ve become experts in seeing the beauty in unexpected places and re-crafting spaces to their full potential. Which is why New York apartment renters don’t leave NYC for places with larger apartments.

Many NYC residents argue that’s the joy of a studio apartment: really settling into a space and making every single corner of it a living, breathing, practical work of art — because it has to be. When you’re packing your life into 175 square feet, you learn to cut down fast, without sacrificing your personality or style. is NY's Largest No Fee Apartment Rental Service 

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Small Style

A feature by the New York Times spotlights one studio dweller who used his eclectic collections to make the most of his space; Brooklyn dweller and interior designer Zach Motl remade his tiny studio over a period of three years with $2,500 and a lot of creativity. By defining his space (identifying the living space as separate from the dining room and bedroom, for example) Motl established a workable, homey and undeniably classy 178-square-foot home.

Teeny, Tiny… But In A Great Location

The allure of the studio apartment lies in its location. Studio dwellers enjoy living in upscale parts of the city they never would be able to afford on a larger scale. Manhattan apartments have always attracted creative types. For example, another story by the New York Post features a couple, Zaarath and Christopher Prokop, who occupy one of Manhattan’s teeniest studios. 175 square feet of coziness, accessible only by staircase from the 17th floor of a Morningside Heights apartment building. The Prokops agree doing more with less has helped them simplify and streamline their lives — both practically and financially. In a couple more years, they will have the mortgage on their studio paid off, and they’ll be able to say they own property in Manhattan. Now that’s classy.

Learn to Love

Studio dwellers who really embrace the NYC lifestyle learn to love the efficiency of downsizing to a small, workable space. Suddenly, multitasking becomes a breeze, less time is spent cleaning and you learn what’s workable in a space. Whether you’re going for a minimalist design or something more eclectic-modern like Motl’s flat, a studio gives you the flexibility to upgrade the look of your space without breaking the bank. Think of all the apartments in New York City that would seem more attractive if you embrace downsizing and are willing to be creative with the space.

Energy Efficient, Too!

Energy efficiency becomes a breeze. Studio dwellers are usually among the best at recycling and capitalizing on energy use because they’re accustomed to using only what’s necessary. Apartment Therapy has some great tips for making apartments and studios even more energy efficient. One of the top suggestions? Replace the shades. Cellular shades filter light and help block summer heat and winter cold temps. Studio apartments’ already have low utility bills, and lots of NYC apartments already have thermopane windows. Your bank account will enjoy the savings every month.

Whether you’re considering moving into a studio for the first time or just looking for ways to love your small space even more, you’re in for a fun, rewarding challenge. Living in a NYC studio gives you more than an affordable living space. It’s about getting a slice of real big apple life and learning to live more with less.

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