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You have successfully navigated college, graduated and landed your first job. And now it’s time to settle in at your very own NYC rental apartment. Problem is, even with that nice new job, you’re not exactly rich. You still have student loans and a wide array of other expenses demanding your attention. How can you possibly afford to maintain a nice apartment in New York City? Believe it or not, it is possible to enjoy a nice lifestyle on the cheap — just follow the suggestions detailed below:

Keep Cost Of Utilities To a Minimum

If you’re really smart, you’ll find an apartment where the cost of utilities is included in the monthly rent. But this setup is rare these days, particularly in Manhattan. Instead, you may be forced to shell out monthly for water, electricity, and other necessities. You can keep those costs to a minimum by taking such basic steps as limiting your shower time, and unplugging appliances (that are always on) when you aren’t using them. These solutions seem obvious, but it’s amazing how many young college grads fail to put them to good use, and how much extra they end up paying as a result. is NY's Largest No Fee Apartment Rental Service 

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Rethink Internet and Cable

Back in the good ol’ days of roommates, you were able to split the cable and internet bills several ways, making that monthly payment reasonably accessible (even on a college budget). But now that you’re on your own, you will be responsible for paying the bill all by yourself. If you don’t use cable regularly, you might want to consider switching to a basic package or even investing in an alternative streaming service such as Netflix or Hulu Plus. Bundling cable with internet can also result in significant savings, so find out whether your provider is willing to cut you a deal.

Eat On the Cheap

New York City apartments are surrounded by some of the great cuisines of the world. It’s oh-so-tempting to forget your kitchen and go out on a restaurant spree, but your wallet is sure to take quite the hit. Eating in your rental apartment is definitely the more affordable option, but it also requires some extra effort. If your apartment isn’t already outfitted with the necessary appliances, you may be able to find these at lower costs from local wholesalers or even with a little Craigslist sleuthing. From there, be sure to take advantage of grocery coupons and local farmers markets, both of which will allow you to enjoy healthy foods and keep a healthy wallet.

Affordable Security

Keeping your new home secure is tantamount not only to your safety, but to the safety of your finances. The last thing you need is an intruder taking off with your television, computer or other valuables. Installing a security system is a great way to prevent break-ins while also providing some very valuable peace of mind. And thanks to providers such as, you can keep your NYC bachelor or bachelorette rental safe and sound and still have some money for drinks after work.

The freedom of solo life does not have to translate to crushing debt and financial anxiety. Make a few tweaks in your daily life and you should be able to enjoy a very comfortable lifestyle on that entry-level salary.

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