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Rental prices in New York City are notoriously high and, as a general rule, the higher the rental prices the more desirable the borough! ABC News calculated that New York is the country’s second most expensive state to live in, with with the median rent for a one bedroom apartment in the state topping out at a whopping $2,995. Following that tried and tested rule, Bushwick is the very latest of Brooklyn’s rising stars. According to a recent article in the New York Post, the average one bedroom apartment rental in the area jumped significantly from $2,040 a month in July to $2,647 in August. This is an almost unprecedented increase in such as short time frame. Overall, Bushwick rents for apartments of all sizes rose by an average of 17.59 percent in just one month. So why Bushwick? What is driving to the area, and should you be thinking about following suit?

Fantastic Amenities

One of the most important things renters look for when they are choosing a new borough to move into are the amenities available nearby. In that regard, Bushwick ticks so many of the boxes. The area has fantastic infrastructure in place, meaning that you can get to other parts of the city with ease when living in the borough. With both the L and M trains travelling to Bushwick and the M train

connecting the area to Manhattan, Bushwick is an ideal new place to explore for the commuter market. Bushwick also boosts wonderful parks and green spaces and a host of wonderful bars and restaurants to explore during your down time.

For those of you interested in more practical issues, the neighborhood of Bushwick offers wonderful health care provisions.There is a rehabilitation and healthcare center in the neighborhood, and a host of highly regarded medical and dental practices too. The neighborhood also offers facilities for drug and alcohol facilities. According to this article, most detox centers also have licensed psychologists and medical personnel on staff which can be useful facilities to have in your area. Crime and poverty are still very real issues in Bushwick, as they are in many of New York’s other boroughs, but this shouldn’t be a deterrent for anyone interested in living in the neighborhood: residents report feeling very safe both during the day and night in the area and the atmosphere and general attitude of the people living here is upbeat and positive.

Great Places to Hang Out and a Great Atmosphere

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Strangeways Photo: Austin McAllister

The best reason to consider relocating to Bushwick? Because it is officially hip! In their coveted September Issue, Vogue Magazine lists Bushwick as one of the fifteen coolest neighborhoods in the world. It is fast becoming known for its hip bars and restaurants and their even hipper patrons. Miley Cyrus was recently photographed partying in a Bushwick warehouse wearing pasties shaped like ice cream cones over her nipples. Which, frankly, is instantly synonymous with cool in our times! On a more serious note though, artists are moving into the neighborhood from places such as Williamsburg and they are bringing a wonderful array of bars and restaurants. Many bars and clubs that are already established in other parts of the city are looking for long term leases in the area, showing their confidence that this is an area that is likely to stay ‘in vogue’ for a long time to come.

If you have an interest in culture and the arts then the famous Luhring Augustine gallery is situated in Bushwick as are several other highly regarded and cutting edge galleries, and the neighborhood even hosts the annual ‘smallest penis in Brooklyn’ contest, which gets bigger and more (lightheartedly) extravagant every year. With its wild and varied array of street art, even walking along the pavement in Bushwick can feel like a culturally enriching adventure and it’s easy to see why renters are flocking to this fascinating and exciting rising star of the New York rental market. Jump on board now, before the rents climb even higher and we’re all priced out of the market!

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    I would love to travel to New York and just tour Brooklyn. There’s a lot of history in Brooklyn. Wasn’t the “Battle of Brooklyn” fought in Brooklyn Heights?

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