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In order to promote the fact it is now streaming all nine seasons of Seinfeld, Hulu has created a pop up exhibit at Milk Studios in the Meatpacking District,…



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Written by Lorenzo

Lorenzo has been hanging around the office for the past 24 years, and, in the process, has become the president of,, and His mission is to build into New York's largest no fee apartment rental service. Before, Lorenzo was a Regional Sales Manager for Time Equities, Inc., one of New York's largest converters of rental buildings to coops and condos. Lorenzo was once a part owner of Swift & Watson Real Estate in NYC's Greenwich Village.

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  1. Lainie Anderson Reply

    What’s that on Jerry’s desk? A Compaq?! Hulu needs a call from Tim Cook.

  2. Sarah Reply

    You could tell which season you were watching based on the Macintosh on Jerry’s desk – he had at least three different Macs on that desk, I can remember an all-in-one and a Power Mac, at least… that Compaq is just wrong.

  3. Todd Richards Reply

    1 of my all time favorite shows. I still watch the re-runs when they are on and have been poking around Hulu to see episodes they rarely show on TV. Thanks for the post!

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