A Snowy Central Park

One of the best parts about living on the Upper East Side is when it’s 2:00pm on a Sunday in January and it starts to snow. Then, after walking just a few blocks, you’re able to see this:

Central Park. 1.17.16

and then you take a few more steps and you’re looking at this snowy wonderland:

Central Park 1.17

When you’re living in the Village you are nowhere near Central Park. I think that’s something we would miss too much if we rented an apartment downtown. There’s just nothing like being a few blocks from such a beautiful place.

CP Path 1.17.16

And now, here’s a picture that Ross took of me trying to catch snow in my mouth (even though it looks invisible?!) We hope you got to enjoy the snow just as much as we did today!

Sophie. 1.17.16



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