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Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you indulged in as much food, family and fun as I did this holiday season!

It was a blast getting to sleep in late and eat junk food everyday (chocolate should be illegal!) but before I knew it I had to get back to business!

Despite my lack of posts, Ross and I were actually very productive over the last few weeks when it came to neighborhood hunting.  I told you we were going to explore the Village first but as it turned out Ross’ sister Ashlea came to visit for a week, so we indulged in the Upper East Side instead! We showed her and her boyfriend James museums, restaurants and more!

You’d think after 22 years of living on the Upper East Side I would have seen everything, right? Well you’re wrong! There were plenty of new museums and restaurants to try out that I had never been to, whether it’s because they’re new or I just never went!

ScheduleTo start the trip off we wrote a huge to-do list to make sure we would hit all of the major places when his sister arrived!

One of the first things we did was walk to the Great Lawn, just hours after they got off their JFK flight. This is one of our favorite places in Central Park because it has some of the best views of the city!

Here’s a photo of my sister-in law Ashlea and her boyfriend James with the lawn in the background.Upper East Side

Here’s another picture taken right by the Great Lawn on top of the beautiful Belvedere Castle! Can you tell how cold we were?! Upper East side in the background

The Upper East Side is especially known for its many museums, one of the best being The Metropolitan Museum of Art, or “The Met” as most of us calls it. The Met is such a great way to spend your free time because of the changing exhibits as well as the art that always sticks around.Metropolitan Museum of Art

Here is a picture of me leading the group into the museum!

Photo 5Here’s an undeniably cute photo of Ross carrying me around the Egypt section of The Met:

We also found our way to the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, a place we had never visited before but were so happy to experience!Pixar lamp

They had cool things like this original Pixar artwork for that famous lamp we always see in their movies!

Plus interactive design pens that allowed us to draw throughout the museum! (We probably spent more time using these pens than walking around the museum, to be Photo 7honest!)

These very cool and interesting museums are definitely a reason to stick around the Upper East Side. They bring such a feeling of culture.

There’s also the Guggenheim Museum on 88th St. and 5th Avenue but we didn’t get a chance to stop in. However, we did pop across the street from there to walk around the Reservoir, despite the many inches of snow that had piled up!

Photo 8 Photo 9

Speaking of snow, we had a 24-hour blizzard this past January that led to many inches of snow!Photo 10

When you have that much snow there’s usually only one thing you want to do and that is go SLEDDING! And there’s only one place to do that, Central Park!

Would we be so close to sledding if we lived in the Village? No, we wouldn’t! (Being able to find a place to sled as quickly as we want is obviously extremely important in apartment picking.

Photo 11Here’s a photo of Ross dragging me in the sled through the streets, because that was the ONLY way to get around:

But before it got snowy, we actually had really great weather! We took some bikes and headed to 72nd and 5th, where we went into Central Park to see one of our favorite locations, Bethesda Terrace!Photo 12

You may or may not know this (you most likely definitely don’t know this) but Ross actually proposed to me right by here.  I could tell you exactly what happened but why not just watch it for yourselves?! The whole proposal is below!

Whether or not I got proposed to I would always love the boat rides and beautiful scenery that comes with this location.

Now how could I end this post without talking about food? All I actually care about in life is food. (Love you, Ross!)

We took Ashlea and James to a lot of restaurants and fast food chains, ones that you could actually find all over the city, like Shake Shack (which admittedly James LOVED)! But we also made sure to treat them to some Upper East Side staples.

One of their favorites, which I unfortunately don’t have a picture of, was Mimi’s Pizza & Restaurant on 84
th Street and Lexington Avenue. This place has some of the cheesiest and BIGGEST slices of pizza you will ever find. It is so good. I used to walk here for lunch as a ten year-old kid at PS6 Elementary School. I haven’t stopped eating there since!

Photo 13They also loved the pancakes at The New Amity Restaurant on 84th Street and Madison Avenue, which I DID get a picture of! Always tasty and great service there!

Another place that is one of our FAVORITE sweet shops is literally called, The Sweet Shop NYC! It’s an extremely tiny place located on 71st between 1st and York Avenues but despite its tininess it is filled with some of the best treats you could want. Ranging from old school candy that my parents used to eat to things that I grew up with!

But if I can recommend getting anything there, it’s to skip all the candy and go straight for the ice cream, more specifically the peanut butter & jelly ice cream on the pretzel cone. Yes, you heard right, a PRETZEL CONE WITH PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY ICE CREAM. It tastes even better than you’re Photo 14imagining. (But make sure to call ahead of time to see if they have that ice cream flavor that day, as it’s not always available!)

I could sit here and list a thousand more things we did but these were some of our favorites. And they truly made me fall back in love with the Upper East Side, a place I always thought I would move away from one day. The Park Avenue doormen who always say hi, the cute walk-ups, the townhouses that feel so cozy, this might just be the neighborhood we end up picking! Hopefully we can start looking at some apartments as soon as possible!

Next up it’s time to check out the Village! Will we find it as charming as the Upper East Side?  Will it have the perfect apartment? Will I want to spend my next 20 years there?! Let’s find out!

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