RDNY.com Named One of the Best Rental Firms in NYC

RDNY-one of 12 best no fee companies


RDNY.com is NY's Largest No Fee Apartment Rental Service 

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New York’s oldest online real estate company, CityRealty.com has named RDNY.com one of New York’s Best No Fee apartment rental companies.

They described RDNY.com’s no fee rental service this way:

RDNY guarantees that all their listings are 100 percent no broker fee. Since these rentals go fast, they have an alert feature that’s quite handy. But unlike a lot of the other sites on the list, this one is not free; those with budgets up to $2,500/month pay a one-time fee of $99, and those with unlimited budgets pay $129 for up to 90 days of service. RDNY explains that this charge covers the fact that listings aren’t put up by brokers, but rather directly by landlords. They also offer personal phone and email support.

Thank you CityRealty. You captured the essential service we provide in just one paragraph, but we want to emphasize the uniqueness of what RDNY.com does. We are the ONLY no fee rental company in New York City that works exclusively for you, the renter. Our listings department updates listings 6 days per week from hundreds of landlords. By adding and updating the listings directly from the source, instead of letting brokers add the listings, we don’t charge you a broker’s fee. Ever.

By having a staff that updates the listings rather than waiting from broker’s to add listings and steer the leads to them, we are in a position to save you $1000s on your next rental. So don’t let our small service charge stand in the way of getting New York’s largest inventory of updated no broker fee listings.

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Written by Larry Rosenberg

Larry Rosenberg has been a real estate professional for over 30 years in NYC. He has rented apartments, sold apartments, and even been involved in converting buildings from rentals to coops and condos. Larry's also been involved in renovating apartment buildings and the apartments within. "RDNY.com is the best idea and innovation in the world of apartment rentals in the last 20 years."

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