Relatable GIFs That Sum Up How You Feel About Moving

Renters go through every one of the phases in these GIFs. Take a look, then smile at the angst of your own move. End with a smile on your face, knowing that you saved almost two months of rent by not having to pay a broker’s fee with
Moving is a huge process full of high and low points. Some moments will have you doing a celebratory dance, and others will have you more overwhelmed than you thought possible. Whether you’re signing the lease on your first apartment or you’re trading spaces for the 15th time, your move will probably look a lot like this:

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Written by Larry Rosenberg

Larry Rosenberg has been a real estate professional for over 30 years in NYC. He has rented apartments, sold apartments, and even been involved in converting buildings from rentals to coops and condos. Larry's also been involved in renovating apartment buildings and the apartments within. " is the best idea and innovation in the world of apartment rentals in the last 20 years."

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