Bad Credit? 7 Ways for Renters to Get Approved

Bad Credit? 7 Ways for Renters to Get Approved

Here's an article published for a national audience, but with New York renters right in the center of the target. The author's ideas are solid and workable. We have compiled some worthy ideas of our own. Take a look at our excellent renters guide, The Essential Guide for Smart Renters to see what we're talking about.

There Stays the Neighborhood

New York is a place of constant change, an ever-shifting mosaic of immigrants, ethnic groups, strivers who make their mark and move on. Except in East Elmhurst, Queens.

Shady NY Rental Apartment Landlord Schemes And How To Fight Back

Excerpted from Shady Landlord Schemes And How To Fight Back  by Christopher Steiner and Maureen Farrell, in Two winters ago Astoria, N.Y., resident Rachel Colley was freezing in her own apartment. Looking to squeeze a few pennies, her landlord refused to crank up the heat. Colley, a senior account...Read more

Apartment Rental Success Stories

The frustration is all around you. Perhaps your rent is going up, or you want to be in the City, or just move out of your parents home. Take heart with these success stories...

Red Hook – the new frontier for New York renters?

The neighborhood’s history as one of the main docking ports of New York has always distinguished the neighborhood and its distance from public transportation has further isolated it, crafting a particularly distinct sense of community within the neighborhood.

No love lost for apartment rental brokers in New York City

How about you just tell people what an apartment costs before making them take an hour out of their day to see it? I have had enough of your move-in fees and move-out fees and application fees and background fees and you-might-be-considering-a-pet fees and third-Tuesday-afternoon-of-the-month fees.

Moving to Queens, New York

Living in Queens places you in neighborhoods that are close to Manhattan. Three of the most popular neighborhoods in western Queens for those commuting to Manhattan are Astoria, Long Island City and Jackson Heights.

New York has lost one of the great city blogs

I began the blog because I was incensed and alarmed at what the city was becoming. It was losing its grit, its fabric, its very character. It was losing its New York-ness, and gaining nothing but Subway franchises and luxury condos.

How to Be a Brainy Renter

As the power of the market turns once again to favor landlords and their gatekeepers, the brokers, it is useful to understand what they know that first-time renters may not. Armed with an understanding the Web, renters can decide whether to use a broker, what size apartment they can afford and the neighborhood where they are likeliest to find it.