The Most Expensive Neighborhoods in NYC

New York has no shortage of expensive apartments. But some neighborhoods are in a category of their own because it’s almost impossible to find reasonably priced rentals (or sales) in those neighborhoods. The two clearest examples of this is the West Village and Soho. If you’re looking for an affordable...Read more

New York’s Rent Stabilization Law – Up in the Air

What it comes down to is that few apartments outside of Manhattan get de-stabilized, and fewer and fewer apartments in Manhattan remain stabilized. Do Manhattan developers really need the 421a tax abatements to make money on their projects? If they are getting a public subsidy, shouldn\'t the developers be forced to give something back to the city as well?
Apartment Renters in Manhattan – vacancies are fading…

Apartment Renters in Manhattan – vacancies are fading…

Manhattan’s vacancy rate fell again in May, dipping below 1% for the first time in nearly three years, leaving little supply available during the peak leasing season. That’s quite the turnaround from a year or two ago, when apartments were plentiful and desperate landlords coughed up free rent and paid the broker fee–typically a month of rent–to fill units.